Zenroom Smart Contracts & Policies

Zenroom contracts are part of Planetmint's transactions specification. They can be utilized to attest the computation of certain logic to the network. To do so, a Zenroom contract can be defined with given inputs and the expected outputs of the computation. This will then be submitted to the network, where a node can validate the logic execution and output.

Previously Zenroom was integrated into cryptoconditions to allow for human-readable conditions and fulfilments. These contracts were stateless, which implies that the conditions and fulfilments need to be transacted in the same transaction. However, PRP-10 aims to make stateful smart contracts possible, enabling asynchronous and party-independent contract processing.

As for network-wide or asset-based policies, PRP-11 specifies how these can be implemented and how these can be used to verify a transaction state before it is committed to the network.

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