The cryptoconditions Package

A Python implementation of the Crypto-Conditions spec: a multi-algorithm, multi-level, multi-signature format for expressing conditions and fulfillments.

This implementation doesn’t implement the entire Crypto-Conditions spec. It implements the conditions needed by Planetmint, and some others. It’s compliant with version 02 and version 04 of the spec.

Planetmint-Cryptoconditions (versions >= 1.0.0) extend previously designed cryptoconditions with Zencode based conditions and fulfillments. Zencode is an extendable lua-based scripting and contracting language and is executed within the Zenroom virtual machine. Zenroom and Zencode are developed by Dyne. Details and documenation exist at

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Cryptoconditions require a Python version above 3.8.


To install latest release from PyPI:

$ pip install planetmint-cryptoconditions


Public documentation is available at


This project uses poetry <> for dependency management. Run poetry install to start local development.